Friday, October 31, 2014

Izzy & Oscar

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Izzy & Oscar cover art

Estes, A. & Stark, D. (2015). Izzy & Oscar. Naperville, IL: Sourcebooks.  Illus. by T. Dockray. ISBN: 978-1492601500

Plot Summary:

Izzy wants a pet.  All of her friends have a pet.  So when she finds Oscar the octopus she decides to keep him.  Teaching an octopus to be a good pet is hard.  But their are things that he can do that other pets can not do.  And that makes him just right for Izzy.


Izzy & Oscar is a simple, yet endearing tale of a girl and her octopus.  While not the pet for everyone, Izzy embraces Oscar's unique qualities.  Readers will delight in learning about octopuses and the amazing things that they can do.  The illustrations by Tracy Dockray are fun and colorful and provide a wonderful addition to the story.  The pencil and dye technique adds color and whimsy to the books making it a perfect choice for the story.  A sweet story of love and acceptance or differences and finding strengths.


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